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Summit Swim Lessons

Kimberly and Heather believe water safety and basic swim skills are essential for everyone. Whether your child is looking to improve their swim skills or is struggling with water sensitivity and entering the water, we are here to help them reach their goals.


Each child is evaluated and goals are developed specific for your family. For this reason, all lessons are one on one with Kimberly or Heather. Lessons are presented in a fun and interactive approach with a balance of instruction and play. Our goal is to build skills and confidence with a love of the water. 

Lessons are available for individuals 4 and older and will last 60 minutes. Parents are expected to stay present and on the pool deck for the duration of the session. 

Kimberly and Heather are Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are CPR/First Aid trained, have over 20 years expereince working with children and have completed swim instruction through the US Swim School which follows the beliefs and approaches of the International Swim School Association. 

A statement from the International Swim School Association: A universal theme supported by all ISSA Swim Schools is absolute respect for the rights of the child. This includes listening to and validating input from the child about their needs, and how they are feeling at all times - including any form of communication from the child, including verbal, non-verbal, crying, physical resistance, body language and withdrawal.  Whenever there are indications a child is unhappy, disengaged, withdrawn or upset, the focus must immediately be on calming them, comforting them, and returning the child to a state of comfort and active engagement. This will often involve facilitating the child’s connection with their primary carer, especially if a separation between the parent/carer and child was contributing to the child’s distress. Creating stress in a child is never rationalized because of the skill being developed. The end does not justify the means. The experience the child has, and the process they go through, is of paramount importance. For more information, you can visit their website. 


Private Lesson Costs

1x/week $150

2x/week $270

3x/week $380

Swim Lessons are booked in 6 week increments with additional weeks added if necessary on a week by week basis. For more information or to speak with Kimberly and Heather please feel free to call or text at:


Summit Therapies is happy to accept Step Up for Students 

as a funding source.

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